How to Set Clock on Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combo

set clock on whirlpool microwave

At the point when your microwave oven is first connected or after a power disappointment, the presentation will show “88:88.” For set clock on whirlpool microwave first 30 seconds later the power is on, you can set the clock time without touching CLOCK. Later 30 seconds has gone by, you should follow the directions beneath to set the time.

how to set clock on whirlpool smart oven? Search for buttons named “Clock,” “Clock Set” or “Time.” If your computerized clock model doesn’t have one of these buttons, search for ones named “Mode” or “Settings.” Press, or press and hold, the proper time-setting button until the numbers on the advanced presentation begin squinting.

set clock on whirlpool microwave

How to Set Clock on Whirlpool Microwave Oven Combo

To change the clock on your Whirlpool microwave kindly follow the means underneath. Directions will shift by model number, so if it’s not too much trouble, allude to your Owner’s Manual for explicit instructions for your unit.

Assuming you might want to download or see item writing for your apparatus, kindly visit our Manuals and Literature page.

To Change or Set the Clock:

  • Press the OPEN button
  • Press CLOCK
  • Enter the clock time
  • Stop till the presentation peruses “Clock Saved”
  • Continue typical operation

Step by Step Guide

  • You can only set the clock assuming the oven isn’t cooking food.
  • If you enter an inaccurate time and touch CLOCK, three tones will sound. Enter the right time.
  • If you touch OFF/CANCEL while setting the clock, the show will show the last season of day set or “:” if no season of day has been set

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  1. Touch CLOCK.
  2. Enter season of day

Example for 12:00: Touch “1 2 0 0”. Then, at that point, touch CLOCK or START/ENTER

Using The Minute Timer

You can involve your microwave oven as a moment timer. Use the Minute Timer for timing as long as 99 minutes, 99seconds.NOTE: The oven can work while the Minute Timer is being used. To see the Minute Timer while the oven is cooking, touch TIMER SET. To return the showcase to the cooking time commencement, touch TIMER SET once more

  1. Touch TIMER SET.
  2. Enter time to be counted down. Example for 1 moment, 30 seconds: Touch “1 3 0”.NOTE: If you enter multiple digits, 3 tones will sound. Touch START/ENTER to count down the 3-digit time you have entered or touch TIMER OFF to clear the presentation. To begin once again, touch TIMER SET and reemerge wanted time
  3. Start countdown. Touch START/ENTER or TIMER SET.NOTE: If you don’t do this progression inside 3 seconds of doing Step 2, “START” will streak. You then, at that point, have 1minute to touch START/ENTER or TIMER SET before the showcase gets back to season of day. At end of commencement: “End” will be shown on the screen and one tone will sound

Using our Microwave Oven

This section gives you instructions for working each function. If it’s not too much trouble, read these instructions carefully.

  1. Put food in oven and close the door.
  2. Set cooking time. Touch COOK TIME. Example for 7 minutes, 30 seconds: Touch “7 3 0”.
  3. Set cook power. Touch COOK POWER, enter level 1-10.See “Cooking at various cook powers” for recomb-retouched cook powers. NOTE: This progression isn’t important to cook at High Power.
  4. Start oven. Touch START/ENTER. At end of cooking time: Display will show “END”. Changing instructions You can change the cooking time or cook power after cooking begins by rehashing Steps 2 and additionally 3 and 4

set clock on whirlpool microwave

Touch Panel

The touch board houses the control menu and function controls. The touch keypads are exceptionally delicate and require only a light touch to initiate. Look up, down, left, or right to investigate the various options and elements.

For more information about the singular controls, see their separate sections in this manual.


The presentation is for both the menu, microwave, and oven function controls. The touch board permits you to look through the oven menus. The presentation is extremely touchy and requires only a light touch to enact and control.

At the point when an oven is being used, the showcase will show the clock, mode, oven temperature, kitchen clock, and oven clock, whenever set. Assuming the oven clock isn’t set, you can set it from this screen.

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