How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV

In this guide you will read about How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV. Vizio TVs are famous as a result of the value point where they are sold just as the quantity of accessible elements. You can utilize smart TVs to watch OTT content, peruse the web and even use it as a show screen to show records and slides. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections accessible, you can make the most out of your Vizio Smart TV. Today, we will be investigating how to connect phone to Vizio Smart TV.

To connect to a Vizio Smart TV implies screen reflecting or screen projecting. What it implies is you can share the screen of your Android and iOS gadget immediately How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV progressively. For what reason would your screencast? Possibly you need to take a gander at some web look on the greater screen or perhaps show off a couple of photographs that you caught with your phone on the vizio smart tv screen mirroring android. While this sounds intriguing, read on to know how you cast your Android, iOS, or Windows gadget onto a Vizio Smart TV.

What is the VIZIO Smartcast APP

Utilizing VIZIO smart cast application, you can explore your review insight on your Smartphone. Indeed, even you can peruse, track down films, tunes, live streaming and a lot more through a few applications without a moment’s delay. Numerous choices like showcase settings, play/stop, power ON/OFF Etc.

VIZIO smart cast application assembles everything with the most recent substance from various stages for our benefit.

How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV [Android]

The best thing about the beneath recorded advances is, there’s no compelling reason to introduce or sideload any outsider application on your Android smartphone. Indeed, you can even stream content without Vizio SmartCast Mobile application, How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV, How to Clear Cache on LG Smart Tv, Google Home application, or some other projecting application. We should jump into the means.

  • First of all power on your Vizio Smart TV
  • Presently, on your Android gadget open the settings menu and quest for screencast/screen reflect/smart view/screen share/remote showcase.
  • The name of the choice will distinctive on different Android gadgets.
  • Then, you will need to tap on the choice.
  • Your Android gadget will presently search for remote shows that it can project to.
  • At the point when you observe your Vizio Smart TV from the rundown of gadgets.
  • The Android gadget will presently connect to the Vizio smart TV.

With the screencast empowered to Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV, you would now be able to reflect anything that you like. However, assuming you have a portable just arrangement for different web-based features, you probably won’t have the option to project the substance onto your Vizio Smart TV.

How to connect iPhone to Vizio Smart TV

You will need to ensure that your iOS gadget, just as your Vizio Smart TV, is connected to a similar Wi-Fi organization.

  • On your Vizio Smart TV, you should now empower AirPlay.
  • To do this, press the home button on the Vizio TV remote.
  • Select the Extras tab that is at the top of the screen.

  • Scroll and select AirPlay. You will currently have the choice to turn it on. Select On.
  • On your iOS gadget, you will need to open up the Control Center.
  • Basically tap on the Screen Mirroring tile.
  • It should now show you a rundown of AirPlay remote presentations. Select your Vizio Smart TV from the rundown.
  • The Smart TV will presently show you a four-digit code. Enter it onto your iOS gadget.
  • Furthermore, presently your iOS gadget has been connected to your Vizio Smart TV.

A couple of things for you to remember.

Your Vizio Smart TV ought to have the AirPlay highlight underlying and ought to be running on the most recent programming variant To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV.

The iOS gadget should be running on iOS 12.4 and higher and your macOS framework ought to be running basically on Mojave 10.14.5.

How to Connect PC to Vizio Smart TV

In the event that you have a Windows PC, you can utilize it to screencast onto your Vizio Smart TV. This allows you to peruse the web, show introductions, watch films, mess around, and even do another useful work onto your big screen Vizio Smart TV.

  1. On your Windows 10 PC fire up Google Chrome. On the off chance that you don’t have it, you can generally download it immediately.
  2. Presently, you will need to ensure that your Vizio Smart TV and your PC are connected to a similar Wi-Fi organization.
  3. With Chrome opened up, click on the three-dab menu that is on the right half of the pursuit bar.
  4. From the popup menu, select Cast.
  5. It will draw out the cast plate and begin looking for remote showcases connected to the Wi-Fi organization.
  6. At the point when you observe your Vizio Smart TV, select it.
  7. Chrome will currently inquire as to whether you wish to project Google Chrome or the desktop.
  8. Choosing Chrome will allow you just to project the program and choosing Desktop will allow you to project the entire framework itself.
  9. Furthermore, in this straightforward way, you have now connected your Windows 10 PC to your Vizio Smart Tv.


So since you have figured out how to connect any Android, iOS, or Windows gadget to your Vizio Smart Tv, you can appreciate watching content on the big screen with sound result coming out from the actual To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV. For games, however, you may track down a couple of postponements to a great extent which is typical when remotely projecting, dissimilar to having a direct HDMI link contribution to the actual TV.

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